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Demo Consultation

Jumpstart your web app.

Assemble your cloud DevOps, API, and frontend with the Brundt Typescript framework and workflows.

Get Me To Market

Brundt handles the basics so you can get to market quicker.

Free up time spent on deployment decisions, DevOps infrastructure, and API scaffolding. The Brundt framework contains carefully selected, battle-tested tools and packages to cut hundreds of hours on research, setup, and development time.

1 week
1-3 months

Skip the tooling setup.

An End-To-End Typescript Monorepo.
Utilize best practices and industry standard tooling.
Keep development workflows simple.

Supercharge small teams.

Know your stack and hire engineers easier.
Use the Brundt calculator to estimate hosting costs.
Skip the typical complexity of new feature releases.

Perfect for data-heavy SaaS applications in the browser.

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Built with iterative development and release workflows in mind.

Development Workflow.

The Brundt framework tooling is designed to work with a simplified developer workflow that keeps commit messages clean, automates changelogs, and avoids unnecessary complexity.

Release Workflow.

The Brundt framework is designed for a rapid release workflow which balances flexibility and stability without typical DevOps complexity achieved by making use of robust IaC modules.

What's included:

Cloud Modules

  • Database
  • Priority Queue
  • Jobs Cluster
  • API Cluster
  • Search
  • CDN Hosting
  • Presentation
  • Logging

Backend Modules

  • Multi-Tenant Framework
  • Database Migrations/Seeding
  • Multi-Environment Automation
  • REST API Scaffolding
  • RBAC Middleware
  • I18n
  • Background Jobs + Priority Queue
  • Image/File Upload
  • Image Resizing
  • Image Tagging
  • CSV Parsing / Importing
  • Stripe Service / Tenant Billing
  • Geoqueries/GIS
  • FullText Search (Postgres / Elastic)
  • PDF Creation / Merging
  • Sendgrid Notifications
  • Twilio SMS Notifications
  • JWT Authentication
  • OAuth Authentication
  • Tensorflow Model Training
  • Tensorflow Classification
  • Tensorflow Object Detection

Frontend Modules

  • OAuth Authentication
  • RBAC View Middleware
  • I18n
  • Image/File Upload (S3)
  • Image Tagging
  • CSV Parsing / Importing
  • Image / PDF Annotating
  • GIS Map Output
  • JWT Authentication
  • Vue Admin Dashboard Boilerplate
  • React Native Boilerplate (Expo)
  • Electron Boilerplate

No subscriptions.
No platform risk.

Simple one-time license fee and the framework is yours to keep.

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